SmallRig Dedicated Handle for Nikon Z f 4262

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1. Dedicated handle that fits seamlessly into Nikon Z f.

2. Skin-friendly, anti-slip, and ergonomic silicone handle for better grip.

3. Lightweight and portable, weighs only 102g.

4. Arca Swiss quick-release plate for Arca-type tripods.

5. Locks conveniently via one 1/4″-20 thumbscrew with D-ring.

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Disponible sur commande | 3-30jours+

SmallRig Dedicated Handle for Nikon Z f 4262 is designed to improve grip. It matches perfectly with the Nikon Z f, given the same texture and color as the camera. The handle is locked by a 1/4″-20 thumbscrew with a D-ring on the bottom. Its built-in Arca Swiss quick-release plate supports Arca-type tripods; three 1/4″-20 threaded holes in the bottom also support tripods and Manfrotto quick-release plates; and wrist holes can work with Wrist Strap 3848 / 3926. Besides, the bottom plate features an ultra-thin design to realize a net weight of only 102g, making this item more compact and lightweight.

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