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  • Softbox, Battery, AC Adapter, Bag
  • For Studio and Film/TV Production
  • Output: 3881 lux at 3.3′ (4300K)
  • Color: 2700 to 6500K
  • AC Adapter or Included Battery
  • Onboard Bluetooth Remote Control
  • CRI 95 | TLCI 97
  • Measures 5.7 x 3.7 x 1.4″
  • Active Cooling, 0 to 100% Dimming
  • Includes Reflector, Music Mode
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Plus que 1 en stock  | Disponible en 24h

The MOLUS X100 has 100W of power output supported by innovative cooling technology and serves as a universal film light.
Weighing only 3.3 lb, the X100 brings you a brand-new lighting experience without cumbersome burdens.
The X100 employs its DynaVort Cooling System that consists of gyroscope modeling heat sinks and FOC fans to prevent overheating.
The DynaVort technology is based on the fluid dynamics and attitude-control algorithm, significantly raising the cooling efficiency through intelligent control over airflow emissions.
The adaptive integrated power supply system provides two charging solutions. You can either charge the X100 via the supplied DC power adapter, USB-C power delivery, or rechargeable battery.
With a CRI of 95 and a TLCI of 97 the light renders accurate color.
Zhiyun helps you build your own professional live stream studio with the lighter, smaller, yet brighter equipment, thwarting location restrictions, while bringing up to date lighting effects.
No more fear of complicated setups and crew shortage. The X100 supports Bluetooth mesh control via its app, letting you explore wireless possibilities.
The ZY mount is designed for dedicated modifiers that are also compatible with Bowens mounts via included adapter, satisfying your needs for more fine-tuned effects.
The Live Mode allows you to turn on multiple lights at once, meeting the demand of fast lighting setup for a one-man crew.
The recording function enables automatic lighting control along with music rhythm to create a special atmosphere.
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