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The REC KEY LANC Controller from PORTKEYS offers a handy, discrete run/stop button for almost any mainstream video camera.

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Disponible sur commande | 3-30jours+

Ideal for inaccessible or delicate camera positions, the REC KEY enables you to operate your camera without physical contact. This compact controller has two parallel LANC ports that enable you to control a variety of cameras either directly via a LANC input or via a PORTKEYS BM5 or LH5H monitor and Bluetooth or other wireless control mode.

The REC KEY controller includes a LANC adapter cable, a coiled LANC cable, a GoPro mount, and a hook-and-loop fastener. Its durable aluminum housing features a 1/4″-20 mounting thread.


Three Connection Modes


Connects directly to your camera’s LANC port
Connect a PORTKEYS BM5 or LH5H monitor to your camera via Bluetooth, then connect the REC KEY to the monitor
Connect the REC KEY to a PORTKEYS BM5 monitor via its LANC port, then connect to your camera’s wireless control mode




Blackmagic Design:


  • Cinema Camera
  • Pocket Cinema Camera 4K/6K
  • Micro Studio Camera 4K
  • URSA Mini 4K/4.6K, URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2
  • URSA Broadcast
  • Cinema Camera 2.7K/4K



  • EOS C700, C500 Mk II, C300 Mk II/Mk III/, C200, C100 Mk II
  • XF705, XF405, XF400, XF315, XF310,
  • XA55, XA50, XA45, XA40, XA15, XA11, XC15, XC10
  • ME200S-SH, AK-UC 4000MC, 40000MS, 3900MC, 3900MS
  • 3000MC, 3000MS, 5000MC, 50000MS
  • AK-UB300MC, AK-HC1000, AK-HC2500



  • XT3, XT4
  • GFX 50S, GFX100
  • X-Pro3, X-Pro 2
  • X-H1
  • X-T4/T3/T2
  • X-100/T30/20
  • X-E3
  • X-A20/A7/A5/A3



  • VariCam 35/HS/LT/PURE
  • AP-PX 5000MC/800MC/298MC/280MC
  • AJ-UPX 900MC/360MC, AJ-PX5100MC
  • AJ-HPX3100MC, AG-CX 98MC/200MC
  • AJ-UX180MC, AG-DVX200MC, AG-UX90MC
  • AK-UC 4000C/4000MS/3900MC/3900MS/3000MC



  • PXW-Z280V, PXW-FX9VK
  • FS5 II (PXW-FS5M2K), FS7 II
  • NEX-VG30EH
  • PXW-Z



  • E2, E2C, E2G
  • E2-S6, E2-F6
  • E2-F8

PORTKEYS Monitors:


  • BM5
  • LH5H
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