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iFootage Single Axis-S1A1S (Excluding battery)

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Wireless Motion Controller System

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/!\ This is only the motorized system. Slider is not included /!\

The single axis system is designed to solve problems for users during shooting. It mainly divides into three sections: the wireless shutter controller, the electronic motor section, and the wireless motorized controller.

The first innovation that has been come into truth is the wireless control. The single axis uses the wireless controller which could release user’s limitation from the traditional wire machine. The wireless motorized controller allows 20m long distance control to control the movement of slider once the instruction has been given in the setting of the wireless controller, the motorized motor would follow the instruction and keep the last setting even if the battery has been exhausted.

iFootage Single-Axis system allows several kinds of control. Also the whole system uses 2.4GHz radio frequency to place commands, this low rate of frequency has no harm to human body. Users can control three shark sliders at the same time when their frequency settings are the same; Besides the incredible function, the users can control the camera with the help of iFootage wireless shutter controller separately when the camera is fitting out of the shark slider with the motorized control system.

iFootage Single Axis has worked out a way to deal with the time-lapse shoot. The iFootage Single Axis uses two modes to control the time-lapse shoot: number mode and time mode, users can choose the mode they prefer, and take photos freely. Also the function of Ease In and Ease Out offers the users to create the different kinds of video. Additionally, the function of Preview allows the users to understand the video effect before shooting and increase the success rate on the video.

Considering photographers needs to shoot repeatedly, iFootage Single Axis provides a record function which can keep total nine traces. Users can quickly choose the trace they prefer from the record data packet. This trace can be used in the functions of Auto mode and Time-lapse mode.

With application of three types of power consumption and 95WAH battery. The working time reaches 12H in 25% of power consumption for a continuous video shoot, and 16H for the time-lapse mode. The most impressive effect is its max load reaches 7.0~8.0kg with 100% of power consumption when the slider is in vertical position.

Simple and humanized design is also one of its amazing features. To take 3 minutes to install the whole system is enough. And simplified operation can reduce the pressure of complex processes and amplify the enjoyment of taking shoot and video. Lastly, the 2 rockers and the adjustable wheel make the operation much simpler, the users can enjoy the time of shooting via the three simple components, just like play a game but achieve an incredible video.

As usual, iFootage only chooses the best materials on our products and the best factory to supply every part. Display the good characteristic of flexibility and dynamics on the aviation level aluminum alloy, the anodized surface of aluminum alloy is much stiffer and more durable.

The wireless motorized controller keeps other two adjustable wheels to maximize the operation of the extended development of 3 axises in future.Stay tuned for the new releases for other more expectable iFootage products soon!

Detail 1
The iFootage battery in 14.8V with B output and V mount port is most recommended. Or 14.8V-24V(3A above) DC power supplies are also worked. Make sure the battery is full or high volume before using, please charge the battery on time when it is in low volume.

Detail 2
The shutter controller is special designed by iFootage engineer. Which can adjust the frequency to fit the whole system. iFootage also provide two types of high quality shutter line for normal usage, one is for Canon cameras such as Canon 5D and the other is for Nikon cameras such as Nikon 600D.

Detail 3
A top-designed protective equipment black case that is watertight, airtight, and crush resistant. It has protective closed cell foam cushioned bottom and egg shell lid-foam which could protect the equipment at the most extent when transport then.

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