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Designed with the end user in mind the EZ Jib is a production tool that will grow with your needs. It is a affordable, portable, sets up quickly and is adaptable to all production environments.

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The EZ Jib arm is a portable, user friendly and the most versatile Jib arm in the production industry. Cost effective, user friendly and versatile are the attributes that set the EZ Jib arm apart from all others. Add production value and get the sophisticated look of moving camera shots in your productions. Save valuable production time by setting up your static shots very quickly. With the new stabilizer feature you can also do your tripod shots directly from the jib without removing the camera from the jib. Self leveling jib shots are easy to create with the EZ Jib arm only but with accessories like the EZ FX Handle, this becomes the most unique jib on the market, allowing you to produce compound jib shots with pan/tilt movement. The Handle gives you more control with a lot less cost than a motorized or cable driven head. Extension Kits let you convert the regular EZ Jib arm into a longer event style Jib giving you two jibs in one. This system was designed with the end user in mind and with a modern approach to production. This system will adapt to any production scenario and grow with your needs.

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