Zhiyun Crane 3S EasySling Kit 461,70  TTC
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Zhiyun Crane 3S EasySling Kit

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461,70  TTC

Crane 3S-E comes with EasySling Handle. Crane 3S comes with SmartSling Handle. Unprecedented engines…

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Disponible sur commande | 3-30 jours+

Crane 3S-E comes with EasySling Handle. Crane 3S comes with SmartSling Handle.

Unprecedented engines for limitless creation

The requirement for certain shots may require the use of numerous cameras and accessories in sometimes difficult environments. CRANE 3S integrates new SUPER motors which allow the handling of a load of 6.5Kg for ambitious camera setups – among which Canon EOS 1DX, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras, and even Canon Cinema EOS, Sony FS and FX series, and Red Digital Cinema Cameras.

Modular design for flexibility and cross compatibility

CRANE 3S benefits from a modular design on its motor axes and handles. For large cinema combos, users can attach the supplied extension module to the roll axle. For DSLR combos, the extension module can be removed to obtain a compact and transportable set. The previous LAB series created a new way to hold the stabilizer in hanging mode with the second handle.

The CRANE 3S redefines the structure and introduces a second detachable handle with two options: the EasySling handle and the SmartSling handle. You can either attach the EasySling handle to extend the grip for more comfort in classic shooting & in suspended mode, or choose to mount the SmartSling handle equipped with an intuitive control panel and an OLED screen to directly adjust the camera & stabilizer settings, or combine them together. The handles are easy to attach and remove, both are equipped with multiple inserts of different sizes to screw accessories onto. The modular design allows the CRANE 3S to be highly compatible with motorized trolleys, cranes, cable cameras, Easyrig, etc.

A new Battery Pack to support intensive shooting

With three 18650 format batteries, the CRANE 3S can operate for up to 12 hours. A DC-in port in the compartment allows input up to 25.2V for direct charging. To support long shots with impressive setups, Zhiyun announces the TransMount PowerPlus Battery Pack, a compact but fast-charging powerbank for the stabilizer and the camera. It receives six 18650 batteries and provides 18 hours of battery life for the stabilizer.

Reliable and responsive system

The Zhiyun CRANE 3S offers high reliability that users can rely on. The new locking system can lock the three axes without risk of swaying. The modular design is equipped with two locks to ensure 100% setup security. Support for larger optics has been integrated into the zoom and focus control system.

CRANE 3S is under the control of a new algorithm which offers an incredibly short response time and great smoothness. When shooting fast action, the CRANE 3S can withstand strong winds. The 55 ° tilt axis is designed to provide an unobstructed view and provide enough space to mount the largest cinema combos.

Image transmission module

The existing TransMount image transmission module is compatible with the CRANE 3S. With this transmitter, video can be streamed to up to three display devices including smartphones. ViaTouch 2.0 in the ZY Play app links the stabilizer, camera and display devices, allowing you to adjust camera and stabilizer settings remotely and intuitively. The ViaTouch 2.0 system also allows remote control of the stabilizer movements.

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