Profoto Réflecteur Magnum 25-60° (Ø 33,7 cm)

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Profoto Réflecteur Magnum 25-60° (Ø 33,7 cm) inclu avec têtes ProTwin Plus (900719) et Acute2Twin (900678)

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Disponible sur commande | 3-30 jours+

Power and finesse.

The Magnum Reflector increases output by one f-stop compared to the standard Zoom Reflector, while maintaining a flooded light. In other words, choose the Magnum when you want a smooth and even light with maximum output. Also, even though this is not a true focusing reflector, zooming it across the focal point does create interesting lighting effects.

  • Light spread: 50° at position 10, 35° at position 7 and 25° at position 4.
  • Output at 2 m with 2,400 Ws @ ISO 100: f/128.1 at zoom position 8.
  • Use the optional Grids, BarnDoors or the ProTube for even more precise light shaping.
  • Designed to withstand years of everyday use.
  • Features Profoto’s unique zoom function – shape the light by simply sliding the reflector back and forth on the head.
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