Lilliput UMTC-1400

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Multipurpose Portable Monitor

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The UMTC-1400 Is a quick deploy monitor useful in any number of usage situations. It has the dual ability to work with HDMI inputs and also with USB-C inputs from mobile devices. This gives it the clout of being usable in a wide variety of situations – from in vehicle, to office – even for use as a second display screen for Mainstream videogames consoles such as PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

The UMTC-1400 has a unique connection option set. You can either run this monitor like a standard monitor – by attaching it to a mains power cable and connecting in an HDMI cable for the video feed or – if your device supports it – you can connect the monitor to a USB-C port and it will draw both power and video from this source set.

The sleek, slimline design of the unit is a testament to the improved manufacturing and materials processes that Lilliput use in the fabrication of their monitor systems. We use Mirror Glass and Brushed Aluminium to create a stylish, covetable look while at the same time creating a much more firm and rigid framework for the system.

The UMTC-1400 comes supplied with a foldable magnetic case, allowing for easy and safe storage in a bag or briefcase pouch. Looking at the sides of the unit, you can see how tidily composed and packed together the connection points and jacks are – making this the most stylish and portable monitor in Lilliput’s modern lineup.

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