iFootage Shark Slider Mini Track

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Extension Track for Shark Slider Mini

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iFootage Shark Slider Mini Single extension track

Extend your slider to infinity !

ifootage shark slider mini extension track


One of the main features of the iFootage Shark Slider Mini is the ability to easily extend it as long as you wont without limitation. With these extension pieces, you can extend your slider in seconds without any tools needed. There is no need for a belt as the geared strip down the centre of the slider is precisely engineered to avoid any slight bumps or inperfections.

Each piece is 404mm long and can be attached quickly and easily with just one hand.


ifootage shark slider mini extension track

Camera travel distance:8.7 inches (22cm)
Recommended max load:11lb (5kg)

Camera travel distance: 23.2 inches (59cm) Recommended max load: 8.8lb (4kg)
Poids1 kg
Ce qui est dans la boite
  • Track x1
  • Protect pads x2

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