iFootage Motion S1A3 bundle b1 2 456,64  TTC
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iFootage Motion S1A3 bundle b1

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2 456,64  TTC

The full bundle

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Disponible sur commande | 3-30 jours+

/!\ WARNING : The Shark Slider isn’t provided

Full bundle for Sharkslider: X2 Motion motorized head, S1A1 slider motor kit, remote controller, dslr control, V battery and charger.

Beyond all conventional definition. Motivate your creative impulse

The wonderful life movement creates countless memorable moments. iFootage team is life movement – oriented and develops a revolutionary product – iFootage Motion S1A3, which is wireless 3 axis motion control system. Several different versions derive from its modular design and allows users to select, depending on budget and use. Whether for time-lapse, panorama shooting or multi-layer shooting, Motion S1A3 was built to set free filmmakers’ creative impulse and inspiration.

 Manual operation

Unique double toggle control is ease of use and free from any wire limitation.

Time lapse

The perfect combination of Pan & Tilt head and Shark Slider achieves the large scale shooting, such as time lapse shooting of starry night.

Multi-layer shoot

High-precision position and interactive motion control system, which can precisely control the parameter of location, speed, direction and the time while repeatedly playback. Systematically combine foreground, background, task, or 3D animation produced by multiple track shooting into a video, opening up the shoots that you never thought possible.
With particular function of auto detecting original point, let you free from resetting manually for multiple shoots.

Stop-motion animation

Set the movement track and picture number. Multiple-axis movement combines to a shot track. Wireless control shooting after adjusting the position of object.

A-B or A-B-A mode

Based on pre-recorded tracks, users can reajust the renning time, location, speed and direction. Single or loop running which is suitable for meeting, talk show, multi-layer shooting. Recording multiple key-frames let you achieve the various combinations of changeable speeds and locations.

360° Panorama shooting

After simply setting up the start and end point, iFootage Motion S1A3 automatically starts the high precision 360° shoot. In post production, users can achieve panorama at megapixels by assembling the video clips.


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