iFootage Gazelle Uprise – TC5S

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Uprise features a detachable, sturdy centre column and swivel bowl head.

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En stock  | Disponible en 24h

IFootage Gazelle Uprise features a detachable, sturdy centre column and swivel bowl head and are designed and built to reflect the exacting demands made upon contemporary camera support equipment by videographers and photographers alike.

Rapid Height Adjustment

Working height of just 17.5cm for low angle shooting.
Twist and pull downwards to remove centre pole. Spread legs to required height.

Total Portability

IFootage Gazelle Uprise TC5 superior carbon fiber weighs 1.94kg and is only 52.5cm long when folded. Conveniently fits into a cabin luggage.

Auto Lock Leg Adjustment

Easy to use leg locking design automatically locks leg in three separate positions : 22° / 55° / 80°.

Superior Height & Payload Range

IFootage Gazelle Uprise TC5 allow you to adjust your camera from 17.5cm for low angle shots to a maximum height of 150cm. It can hold a maximum payload of 6kg, enough to cover all your needs.

Underslung Feature

Allows for super low angle and top shots.

Weight Hook

Increase the stability of your set up by attaching any weighted object to the tripod.

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