iFootage Electric Ray E1

iFootage Electric Ray R1 USB power converter
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!!! Power bank with Qualcomm Quick Charge needed, such as Digistore Powerbank 10000mAh QC 3.0 Dual USB - Black !!!

Master of compatibility
Perfect for daily use, the iFootage Electric Ray E1 is a trusty USB power converter enabling busy professionals to extend their camera runtime with minimum hassle. This little accessory supports the top three major camera brands Sony, Nikon and Canon providing a staggering 3 to 5 times higher power supply than stock camera batteries.

Super lightweight
Thanks to its CNC machined structure and anodised aluminium components, the Electric Ray E1 is one of the most lightweight USB power converters on the market.The innovative design and abrasion resistance also make it an incredibly durable investment. It is the size of a box of matches and fits neatly in a pocket.

Support you can count on

The Electric Ray E1 has been manufactured to support all the latest power banks,making sure that you are never out of battery or out of pocket. It powers your camera directly, avoiding battery damage that can occur with frequent charging and discharging.

While it saves you buying multiple batteries, it also gets you out of trouble whether you are doing wedding photography, a time-lapse or any kind of extended shooting session that requires uninterrupted power supply.

Built-in flexibility

This top of the market USB power converter comes with different mounting options so it can be used in any circumstance. Its ¼ mounting unit and elastic strap enable you to mount it on your camera, your tripod or any other area that can fit the strap around.

Cold weather resistant

Ever wondered how documentary photographers create that stunning time-lapse in the snow ? The iFootage Electric Ray E1 enables you to operate your camera at maximum function in extreme cold environmentsof down to -50⁰C. Just keep the charger warm so that the USB power converter can work efficiently.

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