Fujifilm X-PRO3 Noir 1 799,10  TTC
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Fujifilm X-PRO3 Noir


1 799,10  TTC

Fujifilm releases the new X-Pro3, a hybrid camera with elegance (notably due to its titanium finish), beauty and considerable functionality! Featuring an APS-C X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, you can get great images with this hybrid case.

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3-30 jours+

Fujifilm X-Pro3

The X-Pro3 has something special. This device turns dreams into reality. The very material of titanium stimulates the senses, while the exclusive viewfinder encourages discovery and creativity. It revives the desire to discover the world, to understand its meaning with a camera and to record it for eternity.

The X-Pro3 returns to a certain photographic purity!

Since 2011, the luxurious black finish of the case has been a tradition for the “X-Pro” series. Its elegance lives up to the camera’s potential. The titanium-shaped couple and its paint will age beautifully and add to the camera’s appeal, underscoring its rugged and understated style. The internal structure of the unit case is made of magnesium, while the upper and lower hoods – exposed to the elements – are made of titanium, resistant to corrosion.

26.1 million pixels

The latest generation of X-Trans IV sensor is at the heart of the X-Pro3. It integrates phase detection on 100% of the sensor, an AF up to -6EV and 4K video at 30p.


The titanium construction of the top and bottom hoods makes the X-PRO 3 insensitive to scratches, and even more resistant to time.

Movie simulations

What would a Fujifilm box be without its film simulations? Take a picture with the new Pro Neg Classic movie simulation that will remind you of the rendering of the Superia.

Two SD locations

For the first time in an X-Pro case, both locations receive UHS-II to let you enjoy the 11-picture/s burst up to 42 RAW without slowing down the camera.

New angles

A new screen completes the X-PRO 3. The latter emphasizes the confidence that each photographer must place in his instincts: not to be distracted by the verification of each image.


To be ready to capture the ephemeral moment, street photographers prefer to always have their camera at their fingertips. What they need most is a compact, lightweight and reliable camera, allowing them to focus exclusively on their environment.


Poids1 kg
  • Capteur APS-C X-Trans CMOS 4
  • Rafale 11 images/seconde
  • Résiste à la corrosion et aux intempéries
Dimensions (L x l x p)

14 x 8.2 x 4.6 cm

Poids net (kg)


Ce qui est dans la boite
  • Fujifilm X-Pro3
  • Li-ion batterie
  • Cable USB 
  • Bouche pour Fujifilm X-mount
  • Clip en métal x2
  • Clip de fixation
  • Protections  x2
  • Bandoulière

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