Canon EOS R6 + RF 24-105 mm f/4-7,1 IS STM

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Little brother of the EOS R5, we could say to summarize that this new…

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Little brother of the EOS R5, we could say to summarize that this new Canon EOS R6 combines the speed of the 7DII and the quality of the 6DII, but in hybrid version. It will make you rediscover your passion for photography and whatever your favorite technique and the subject you are looking to capture. Perfect for expert amateurs and professionals, this mirrorless camera will impress you with its blazing speed, high sensitivity in low light and 4K 60p video capabilities … Equipped with a 20 million pixel Full Frame CMOS sensor, this new hybrid camera is capable of achieving an image capture rate of 20 images / second. This new hybrid box offers you an intelligent double stabilization system IBIS (sensor + optical) to compensate for shaking movements for an incredible speed gain of up to 8 stops! The Canon R6 is also equipped with Autofocus on people tracking in all situations, even recognizing the head and eyes of dogs, cats and birds. The EOS R6 is a very high quality product that is sure to become the new favorite of Canon expert photographers.

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